Taxation can be a daunting task for a corporate organization. Our services in the same segment are designed in a comprehensive way that aligns to the needs of our clients.

We assist our clients in the following tax-related outsourcing services. Under the centralized Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017

  • Relevant State Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017
  • Relevant Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017

What will you look for if you outsource your tax-related tasks to us?

  • To assist in obtaining GST registration
  • To assist in the improvement of existing GST Registration
  • To assist in obtaining Input Service Distributor (ISD)/Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)
  • To assist in the reckoning of monthly GST Liability
  • To assist in preparing and submitting monthly GST returns

The goals we stick to while providing our services to your tax-related concerns:

  • Get frequent advice and updates on your transactions and operations from the perspective of an Indian Tax officer in regards to several applicable taxes and also about tax exemptions and benefits
  • To conduct a frequent check on your Tax status and draft a plan for the optimisation of the overall Tax report for your company
  • Review the due diligence track sheet
  • To advise you with solutions for the execution of turnkey projects, EPC contracts that involve planning at the bidding stage
  • To devise the most efficient models for Tax saving
  • To provide on-call assistance for Indirect Tax Queries raised by the clients from time to time
  • To draft, file and process your tax returns
  • To assist in indirect tax audits and assessments, that includes representing on behalf of your company before the Indian Tax authorities

Services we provide along with our Taxation service are:

  • Domestic Income Tax: We provide services in all three categories of tax, including proportional, progressive and regressive tax.
  • Assessments & Tax Litigations: We will manage all your tax disputes along with assessing them.
  • International Taxation: We will stay abreast of the developments and the frequently changing rules in the tax community.
  • Transfer Pricing: We will take care of all the transactions between you and the partner enterprise which is under common ownership.
  • Expatriate Taxation: If you or your company is an NRI then we will save some cash of yours with our services in expatriate taxation.

We will be Happy to see you Growing. Let's join hands.