Corporate Law & Secretarial Support

Corporate law as it stands today is a complex piece of legislation which governs the activities of domestic and non-domestic companies who have set themselves up in India.

Our service is specifically designed to cater to the needs of a plethora of provisions that are there in the legislation. Indian Companies Act, SEBI regulations are a few legislators in the case of listed companies.  

Our corporate law and secretarial support will provide legal advice assuring firm compliance with these regulations.

Not only that, but our service is also available with consideration to the incorporation of companies/subsidiaries dwelling anywhere in India. To your amusement, we also have our corporate services available at Mauritius and other countries.

What will you look for in our Corporate Law Service?

  • The first preference is to go with a team that is rich in experience and knowledgeable at the same time, a team who understands client needs and crafts a service that is just right for you.
  • A service that is remarkably professional and highly client-centric along with faster follow-ups and commercially strategic.

The goals we stick to while providing our Corporate Law Services:

  • Maintain compliance with several business-related laws
  • Entail deep understanding of how the Tax system works and all related compliances and requirements to fulfil
  • ATL is an organisation with extensive knowledge in the process so it will provide you with proven results
  • Conjectures the common issues concerning regulatory agreements confronted by a business
  • Vast industry experience to suffice all your demands
  • Suitable management of Lawful filing
  • Structured advice that are strategically like none other
  • Administrative support for audits and statements
  • Statutory advice for several companies in assorted sectors
  • We also have services for compensation in consultation, delineating, and analysing

Services we provide along with our Corporate Law & Secretarial Support are:

  • Incorporation & Reporting to Statutory Authorities
  • Liquidation/Winding up of the Company
  • Drafting of Agreements, Contracts, MOU, and Shareholders & Joint Venture Agreement etc.
  • Compliances under Companies Act, 2013
  • ROC Filling
  • Audit & Assurance Support

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