Labour Law Compliances

We at ATL Consulting India PVT. LTD. takes charge of all the perspectives of legal labour agreements. We aid our clients to obtain the challenged privileges thereby assuring a consistent operation. We also give particulars about any modifications in order to provide relevant assent. We provide assistance to you with numerous labor laws. We implement services with a methodical approach to managing all kinds of labour compliances. We support you in timely submission of returns under several labour laws. We also present information about labour legislation modifications and notify our clients in due time. We notify all our clients about the recent improvements concerning minimum salaries and other significant factors linking to labour compliances.

What will you look for in our Labour Law Compliances service?

  • To be the one-step solution where you get labour law compliances service in the highest level of content.
  • To focus on your core business areas and increase profitability.
  • To assist you and keep you in track with the latest compliances at all times.
  • To provide a customized and well-defined solution.

The goals we stick to while providing you our Labour Law Compliances Service:

  • To assure proper compliances are maintained concerning all labour laws.
  • To verify payroll sheets submitted by the vendors to ensure the correct calculation of wages and statutory deductions in line with applicable Central and State Government laws.
  • To verify records/returns/challans to assure proper compliance is accompanied.
  • To diligently review for the assignment of Contractor Agency to assure that the Agency reaches the aspired compliance demands.

Services we provide along with our Labour Law Compliances service are:

  • Factory Compliance
  • EPF & ESI Compliance
  • Contract Labour Compliance
  • Shops & Establishment Compliance

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