Licensing for Various Business

Every one of us has a dream to start our own business at some point in time.

But often due to endless constrictions, naturally, people let go of their dreams.

Somehow if you have made your mind that you will not stop till you have set up your business and given your dreams their much-needed limelight.

To start-up with a business anywhere a concrete plan is a must. Along with a master plan, you also will require hundreds of licensing approvals from several authorised government bodies of India.

To aid you and turn your dreams into a reality we are right here for you.

Our service will make sure that your business is licensed and we will take care of the rest of the procedure that goes into it.

What will you look for in our Licensing services for various businesses?

  • To arrange all the required formalities
  • To organise the supporting documents needed for the enrolment procedure
  • To file up your supporting papers and present them to the authorities
  • To maintain and take a proper follow-up for the application that is in process
  • To look after the validity and renewal dates of the licenses and keep you notified with frequent updates regarding the same

The goals we stick to while assisting you with licensing queries for Various Business:

  • Understand the best-suited licenses required for your business and apply for them only
  • Administering them and submitting them to the authorities
  • From obtaining the application form, filling it and organising the attached documents supporting your business’s identity is covered by us
  • Renew licenses that are nearing expiry by maintaining a proper due date calendar
  • We have exclusive access to license repository to smooth and speed up your license application process

Services we provide along with our Licensing for Various Businesses are:

  • Import & Export License(IEC)
  • Trade License
  • EPF/ESI License
  • Shops & Establishment Act
  • FSSAI License
  • Trademark Registration

We will be Happy to see you Growing. Let's join hands.